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Typically these offer a cut of millions and in this case black money!

"Dear Sir, Madam,

I have a friend whose father is a former minister in Turkey government , during the period when her father was a minister , her dad used his office to amass lots of wealth through kickbacks from oil and aviation contracts , but he has been indicted and all his assets seized locally and he has been restricted from traveling abroad .

Meanwhile he has $19 million dollars in Qatar and his daughter who is my friend is looking for a reputable businessman who can accommodate and invest this fund on the family behalf discreetly , the daughter will not be directly involve in the brokering of the transaction and will prefer to keep it confidential due to political reasons. As i said the fund is presently in Qatar and will be made readily available to you once every thing has been agreed . Can you handle it ? if you can then i will discuss with my friend who will introduce the broker in Qatar to you .

Yours Faithfully

Guru Dev Teeluckdharry"