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We have all heard of corporate espionage or corporate sabotage but most of us think it no longer takes place or it is done in a very covert way. Think again! McAfee is a giant American company owned by Intel with a revenue of $2064.80M and Webroot is a smaller American private company based in the USA.


Above image shows a warning from McAfee SiteAdvisor, a free browser plug-in. The computer has enterprise endpoint security on which is by another vendor and the free McAfee SiteAdvisor plug-in installed. Webroot SecureAnywhere is a cloud enterprise endpoint security package by Webroot. While trying to download it McAfee SiteAdvisor shows a warning "We tested this site and found it's risky to visit.". Hmm, McAfee SiteAdvisor says it's a dodgy website and even stranger Webroot is a competitor. Talk about trying to reduce sales on your competitor.