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London UK, Friday 21st March 2014 – Businesses across the globe are becoming dangerously exposed to increasing cyber threats as almost 85% of the world's leading AntiVirus solutions are constantly failing to identify emerging threats.

With an increasing level of technological solutions becoming implemented across the everyday operations of businesses everywhere, cyber-crime is quickly becoming the most prevalent risk to companies, their data, assets and customers. With leading AntiVirus vendors providing an inadequate level of protection for both individuals and businesses alike, the risk to company and client data is being left open to compromise on a daily basis.

In addition to more sophisticated IT systems and cloud based computing, the huge increase in personal devices being used in the workplace means the potential for malicious attacks has never been more real. Graeme Batsman, Security Director at EncSec commented:

“Working in the cyber security niche means I experience first hand how destructive malicious cyber attacks can be. We're constantly reminding clients that identifying vulnerabilities and addressing them now with a suitably robust multi-level approach, is the only way to deal with the developing cyber threat.

Simply installing an AntiVirus software isn't anywhere near sufficient, with recent testing identifying that only 1 in 6 AntiVirus vendors were successfully identifying virus infections. Hacktivism, organised crime, commercial intrusion, data theft and even terrorism are now cyber enabled, so it's no longer an option to rely on conventional all-in-one antivirus solutions, regardless of the brand”

UK telecoms company 'BT' has released recent findings which indicate that 83% of surveyed business leaders do not feel cyber security should be a priority, contributing to the insufficient level of protection and preparedness for the most minatory global threat to emerge in 50 years.