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Rarely do I write a non IT article but little has changed in how people think in years. This article is not here to sway down remain or leave it is to talk about how people think and how more importantly what we read influences us.

In November 2010 I was at a sizeable business event in a London hotel with the guest speaker being (Sir) Vince Cable, ex business secretary in the coalition government. Before the event I put my name down to ask a question. My question was roughly around during or in the run up to a recession if the media reports negatively and everyone reads it, it will make a recession worse.

Being a senior politician at the time the response was of course not clear and he said we can blame the media for a lot of things but not a recession. What I was trying to say is if you keep reporting negatively, people will look at re-structuring, stopping holidays and reduce spending. Thus making the problem worse.

The recession days are over but the latest “craze” is Brexit. Both camps clearly lied to the country is the general consensus. While in Macedonia a German woman said both sides lied to you so much and the world did not expect that of a 1st world democracy. She said in Switzerland you are given a booklet before a referendum which is pre-vetted.

Before the vote various “facts” were given and so far, not much has come true, well the FTSE dropped and rose, and yes USD & Euro has dropped. Various companies are blaming loses on the result.

However, you voted, act normally and think positively. If you go and cancel your holiday or stop buying fruit & vegetables a chain reaction could occur. They to (workers or companies) will cancel their holiday, lay off staff and stop spending.