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Manufacturer: My1login Limited| Model: Business | Origin: Scotland, UK | Website: | Price: £15/month for up to 10 users with a free option

Simplicity Value Documentation
5/5 4/5 4/5
Functionality Performance Overall
4/5 5/5 88%

The Good
Reasonably priced for businesses, fast, simple with effective authentication options.

The Bad
The negative points already have fixes on the roadmap like: iPhone and Android applications, desktop software and true two factor authentication.

A cost effective, quick, universal and simple way of storing passwords securely, as well as strengthening up existing logins, by generating a new strong random password. Unlike most other online passwords stores this originates within the UK, so has slightly better privacy than US rivals. Perfect for all sizes of businesses, due to the user management options, as well as home users. Coming this year are new features to improve my1login mobile, desktop and security wise. my1login is the easiest to use and has the best security specification of a password management store I have seen.
Vendor Statement
my1login is a cloud-based password manager that solves the problem of remembering and managing passwords for both individuals and businesses.

Taking less than 5 minutes to set up, my1login works in conjunction with existing passwords, allowing access to websites and services with just one login. Since it's no longer necessary to remember passwords, they can be made strong and unique, increasing online security………..

What Does This Solve?
Passwords, passwords, passwords; everyone has to remember dozens, protecting email, online grocery sites, to the all-important online banking. With so many passwords to remember, people often write them down, use simple passwords or use the same password for many websites. If one password is exposed then hey presto a number of websites can be accessed.

What Can my1login Do?
It can store (with no sync issues) all of your passwords in one store and sign you in with just two clicks. It can also manually import single or bulk passwords, as well as generate strong passwords.

Security Details
Data is stored globally on Amazon AWS 27001 high uptime infrastructure. As you would expect all communications are secured by SSL (https) – Symantec Extended Validation certificate, which is the highest certificate available, identification wise. Inbuilt security options are available such as: account login expiry time, sharing options, offline mode, anti-password guessing and IP whitelist. Core encryption is done at the browser level so in theory my1login cannot read stored data. The feature that stands out is a third party security audit (yearly I believe) by the HP Information Security team.
Sign Up
Signing up is of course the first step and they make it fast and easy.

It only asks for your company name, full name, email address and phone number.

The next step is to pick the security level. Either just a password, or a password followed by a pass phrase. A password would look something like; getRuW8Kawru and a pass phrase like; the cat sat on the yellow mat.

After selecting the more secure option you input a password.

Next enter a pass phrase, which should consist of a few words.

That is it!
Logging In
Signing in is done in three stages, the email address, password, which is entered using a dropdown not a keyboard and the pass phrase, which can be entered normally or by a virtual keyboard.

Logging in is split into three steps. Enter the email address – tick, enter three random characters of your password – tick and finally use the keyboard (or virtual) to enter the pass phrase.
Browser Bookmark “Plugin”
my1login offers a unique browser login (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) method without the need to install a real plugin. You create a bookmark under the bookmark bar and click on it when on a website that you wish to login to.

When on a website you wish to login to or save login credentials, simply click on my1click. Just fill out the username and password and click save.

Just select the login and click sign in – all done.
Managing Logins
My Vault displays all stored logins and you can edit or delete them if you wish.

View of a login credential stored.