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Personal recentish travel review with pictures and well researched itinerary of the whole sovereign state.
Ask anyone what they know about Slovenia, and most will struggle. Answers may include Mrs M. Trump comes from there and it was in Yugoslavia. That is, it – few know much about Slovenia and even less have been. The country has a small population, is in the EU and to me seemed to be the most advanced post-Yugoslavian country. Slovenia is close to being landed locked and has just ten kilometres of sea access.

Slovenia is not an all-inclusive resort destination like a few of my past country visits since it is not very cheap and barely has beaches. So, what is there to see? Lakes, castles/forts, medieval towns and underground (caves & mines). The country is very famous for its spectacular caves and those make up the main attractions.

My plan was standard. Book a return flight, hire a car, use multiple sites to find items to do, map it and book hotels as I go along. This trip like many was solo as many are. Six days was enough to see all I wanted to. The food was decent.

How were the people? Zero complaints about the people who speak good English and are more western than non-EU ex-Yugoslavia. There are cops with speed guns dotted around and to me they seemed “straight” unlike in non-EU states.

Day #1
  • Flew in to Ljubljana
  • Got car rental
  • Night in Ljubljana
Day #2
  • Ljubljana sights on foot
  • Night in Ljubljana
Day #3
  • Celje
  • Ptuj
  • Maribor
  • Night in Maribor
Day #4
  • Velika Planina
  • Bled
  • Idrija
  • Night in Idrija
Day #5
  • Idrija
  • Postojna
  • Night in Postojna
Day #6
  • Predjama
  • Škocjan
  • Piran
  • Flew home

Would I return? Unlikely not since I ticked off all the sights I wanted to see. Still, Slovenia is a great pint-sized country to explore in under a week.

Slovenia - Central Slovenia
Slovenia - Coastal-Karst
Slovenia - Drava
Slovenia - Gorizia
Slovenia - Littoral-Inner Carniola
Slovenia - Savinja
Slovenia - Upper Carniola