Data/Cyber/Cloud Security, Privacy, Website Security, Data Encryption, Malware/Viruses, Open Source Intelligence, Cyber Defence, Data Breaches, Travel Reviews & Photos
Graeme has appeared in and advised: magazines, newspapers, websites, radio and news channels in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia, with pieces being translated into multiple languages.

Outlets Include
  • Scotland on Sunday
  • SC Magazine
  • Channel 4 News
  • Metro
  • Computer Weekly
  • CCTV News
  • Accountancy Age
  • LOVE SPORT Radio
  • Scotsman
  • New Business
  • LBC Radio
  • Daily Mirror
  • BCS
  • The Scottish Sun
  • British Standards Institution
  • Chartered Management Institute
  • Daily Record
  • Experian
  • Guardian
  • Information Age
  • Silicon Republic (Irish)
  • Comon (Denmark)
  • MikroPC (Finland)
  • Talouselama (Finland)
  • Tietoviikko (Finland)
  • Microsoft (USA)
  • talkRADIO
  • Rzeczpospolita (Poland)
  • Now Ekran (Poland)
  • Info Security (USA)
  • City AM
  • An Cosant√≥ir Magazine (Ireland)
  • The Independent
  • The Sun
  • Infosecurity Magazine
  • QBE
  • TechRound
  • The Scottish Sun
  • The Sun
  • This Is Money
Graeme aims to make his point in a clear, non-biased and user-friendly way so that anyone, technical or not, can understand it.

Article Writing
Graeme regularly writes articles for this website, his employers and writes articles for publications on request.