This website is owned and administered by Graeme Batsman who lives in London.

Taken August 2015 in Eastern Europe.

Graeme became interested in IT security when he was in his late teens. One day he was about to buy a mobile phone on eBay, when suddenly the listing was cancelled and then the seller’s entire eBay ID was also cancelled. After a bit of research, he found it was a hijacked account and went on to investigate, catalogue and report on-line fraud (mostly PayPal and eBay). Around the same time, he ran some on-line fraud-awareness websites and at the age of 18 started working.

What Is Data Security?
Some consider data security to be a general term for IT security whereas Graeme views it as a sub-topic specifically to protect data. Data archiving, destruction, encryption and backup are core topics. Though the name of this website is, the content touches on a number of related topics.

Present Situation
Graeme presently works as a cyber security trainer for a British technology training firm, therefore he will not be able to do outside projects. Article writing, public speaking and media work may be still possible.