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Whenever I am walking around subconsciously I spot security flaws or mistakes, be it physical or information technology wise. Yesterday while coming up the escalator of a prominent zone one station I spotted a British Transport Police officer (not a community support officer) following two Transport for London staff into the control room. The officer was fully uniformed and the two TFL staff next to him seemed to be station supervisors or similar.

One of the three men were wheeling in a suitcase to the ticket hall control room, then the TFL staff member pointed at it, the officer examined it from the outside and then started to unzip it. What has just happened? In my view the station staff have found an unattended suitcase, they moved it manually to the control room and then called a BTP officer to help... who looks at it and starts to open it.

Hello!!! This could have been a real IED (improvised explosive device) or bomb in old fashioned English thus moving it around and opening it is not a good idea.